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Gas Safety Regulator

IGT (Integrated Gas Technologies) is a gas control equipment company excelling in #manufacturing and marketing of #LPGcylinderregulators, cylinder valves and equipment accessories. All together the two founders have 40 years of solid experience in the global #LPGregulator business.
All IGT products are of our own design, well painted, attached with preferred local language working instruction, and approved for many national standards. We only use the best raw materials such as Zamac, brass, steel and rubber for all of our components. Therefore we are not afraid to give all customers 5 years of warranty on all products. The warranty is backed up by a 2 million EURO product liability insurance, making IGT liable for its product quality during the full life of the product. Our unique product and service offers a combination of high quality, affordable products and high degree of flexibility and responsiveness to your needs, all while we deliver the product in the right place at the right time without delays. It is this unique market positioning that differentiates IGT from all other competitive offers in the market today. 

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