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Integrated Gas Technologies (IGT) is a gas control equipment company excelling in manufacturing and marketing of LPG cylinder regulators, cylinder valves and equipment accessories. IGT was founded in 2004 with the global scope of offering LPG regulator products and services worldwide. Being globally competitive in the 21st century undisputedly involves business activities in China, that's why it was decided to place approved to international standards, like the most widely recognized EN 12864/EN16129 European regulator standard. But surely IGT also have approvals for and manufactures too many national standards. IGT utilizes the best raw materials such as Zamac, brass, steel and rubber for all our components. In addition we conduct a 100% quality control of the final assembled products.  AII IGT LPG regulators come with a 5 years product warranty. The warranty is backed up by a 4 million EURO product liability insurance, making Yuyao city just south of Shanghai, China. Of the product. Our unique product and service offers a combination of high quality, affordable products and today the production of the LPG regulators takes high degree of flexibility and responsiveness to your place in a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owed Enterprises) needs while delivering the product in the right place named Ningbo Shuai Xian Regulator Co Ltd. Here, in at the right time without delays, this unique market a modern building, IGT currently employs 110 people positioning differentiates IGT from all other competitive directly. All IGT employees work at ergonomically offers in the market place today. Well-designed workplaces and enjoy a safe and clean working environment. The factory itself complies with IGT Invite You to do Business Together.
How is IGT Different from Other Suppliers?
 Before IGT entered the market in 2004 most markets    market segments. New distributors, new dealers and engaging with new LPG regulator of good quality with a minimum 5 year If you are a potential new customer or partner of life cycle or alternatively a cheap "copy” LPG regulator Integrated Gas Technologies, please study our web site of very poor quality, often dangerous to use and with a for a few minutes, and send us an email at sales@igt short life cycle that made it expensive for the end user log. Com now with your inquiry. We are eager to learn taking replacement cost into considerations. How IGT can serve you in the best possible way. IGT now serves the global markets with the better of the two worlds by offering a high quality and flexible product at a very attractive price. IGT's promise to our customer is "Striving for perfection". It summarizes well how IGT differentiates itself from competition. IGT is focused on bringing well designed, perfectly assembled, 100% tested and professionally packaged, clearly barcoded, safe and sound LPG regulator products to market in a timely and professional manner, always price/quality competitive and on a global scale, delivered directly to your warehouse or nearest preferred harbor, freight  (and duty) paid. All IGT products are of our own design, well painted, attached with local language working instruction, and factory in China.
Years Warranty and Limitation of Terms
IGT warrants to the original purchasers the products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 5 years from the date of manufacture. If within 30 days after buyer's discovery of what buyer believes is a defect, buyer notifies Integrated Gas Technologies in writing and ship the products to Integrated Gas Technologies, Gydevang 39, and 3450 Alerted Denmark.
IGT at its option, and within 45 days of receipt, will repair, replace F.O.B point of manufacture, or refund the purchase price of that product found by IGT to be defective. Failure of buyer to give such written notice and ship the product within 30 days shall be deemed an absolute and unconditional waiver of any and all claims of buyer arising out of such defect.
This warranty does not extend to any product not installed and used continuously after installation in accordance with IGT printed instructions, all  applicable state and local regulations, and all applicable national standards, such as those promulgated by Local Gas Safety boards and institutions.
This warranty does not extend to any product or part that has been damaged by accident, misuse, abuse, failure to maintain, or neglect, nor does it extend to any product which has been modified, altered, disassembled or repaired in the field. This warranty does not cover any cosmetic issues, such as scratches, dents, marring, fading of colors or discoloration.

Except as expressly set forth, and subject to the limitation of liability below, IGT makes no other warranty, express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to its products, whether used alone or in combination with others. IGT disclaim all warranties not stated herein.
Limitation of liability
Notice to users of products
The limited warranty stated above is a factory warranty to the first purchasers of IGT products. Since most users have purchased these products from IGT distributors, the user must within 30 days after the user's discovery of what user believes is a defect, notify in writing and return the products to be distributor from whom he purchased the product. The distributor may or may not at the distributor's option choose to submit the products to IGT, pursuant to this Limited warranty, failure by buyer to give such written notice within 30 days shall be deemed an absolute and unconditional waiver of buyer's claim for such defects. Acceptance of any alleged defective product by IGT distributor for replacement or repairs under the terms of IGT's Limited warranty in no way determines IGT's obligations under this Limited warranty.

Because of a policy of continuous product development improvement, IGT reserves the right to change designs, materials or specifications without notice.

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